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Find your place at Asheville Community Yoga

Photo Credit Nick Levine Photography

Asheville Community Yoga is a nonprofit organization committed to making a healthy lifestyle accessible to people from all walks of life. Operating in their ninth year as a nonprofit donation-based yoga studio, their growing campus is host to over 100 accessible and inclusive weekly classes, yoga teacher trainings, continuing education programs, workshops and events, healing arts, healthy plant-powered foods, and affordable clothing - all enjoyed by over 21,000 participants.

Asheville Community Yoga is much more than a yoga studio. Their space is also home to Asheville Community Yoga Healing Arts, Zen and Now and Karma Cafe, all of which continue to spread both the studio’s mission and vision.

Asheville Community Yoga Healing Arts is devoted to bringing health, wellness and high quality of living to everyone through affordable, high-quality healing arts services. From massage to acupuncture, yoga therapy and beyond these healing arts services provide opportunities for community members to receive affordable therapeutic services. There is a flexible system of payment that offers a reduced fee for treatments for individuals who cannot afford to pay the average rate for therapeutic services.

Zen & Now is Asheville Community Yoga’s pre-loved clothing shop, offering wonderful clothing options at affordable prices.

Karma Cafe is an organic & plant-powered whole foods nonprofit restaurant operated by Asheville Community Yoga and conveniently located right behind the studio. They offer gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options. They also have a seasonal menu that is sure to please your taste buds.

Next time you’re around Woodfin come an experience a community yoga class, great massage, a delicious meal or some style with a smile, be sure to visit this iconic Asheville gem.

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Photo Credit Nick Levine Photography
Photo Credit Nick Levine Photography

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