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Artists in Woodfin find a balance in beauty and function

Husband and wife- Jason Janow and Erin Janow, are a couple of fine craftspeople that are also Woodfin residents. Both from small towns, they value the trades of fine craft handed down to potters and jewelers for centuries. Erin is a seasoned potter who runs a self made pottery business and Jason a metal-smith from Haywood College has sharpened his skills over many years and works privately from his studio.

Erin and Jason have called Woodfin their home for years. Between juggling two small business and raising a great kid, they have found they fit well in this community.

Their down to earth nature and hard work ethic stand out in their creative, yet natural styles.

Erin has been “throwing pots” as they say, since 2001, when she started working with the Magnums at Magnum Pottery in Weaverville. Since then she has learned a thing or two and has crafted her own unique style which she describes as “Sleek, clean lines”. Her dinnerware is durable, yet elegant. Her products include bowls, plates, cups, mugs, honeypots and more. Colors range from a clean natural white to rich earth tones. Check out her new blue glaze at her next show. Take a self guided tour!

Weaverville Art Safari- April 29th and 30th 10am-5pm. Downtown Weaverville. Erin will be showing and selling her pieces at Ox Creek Community Center, 360 Ox Creek Road.

Check out her exclusive Woodfin stamped mugs at Woodfin Elementary. Erin makes mugs to raise money for her son’s school.

galleries • • • • • •

Her work is also carried in a number of galleries:

The Grovewood Gallery •

Twigs and Leaves Gallery •

Miya Gallery •

Inkstone Gallery •

Gallery 317 •

Van Dyke Jewelry and Fine Craft •

Jason’s love and call to the wild can be seen in all of his pieces whether in the cast bark bangles or the twig and river stone pendants.

It all began when he was very young, rummaging through his grandma’s costume jewelry and then later when rock hopping and trout fishing in the Blue Ridge that he began to bring home mementos of his adventures in his pockets. “That’s where I began creating things with natural elements like river stone and hand carved wooden beads and deer antler”.

After graduating with honors at Haywood College, he began the process of finding his style while working for and being mentored by Frank Calving.

Now, years later his work shines at galleries and prestigious craft shows. You can find him at his next show in July 2017 at the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands downtown Asheville.

He is also expanding his wedding and commitment line and is always available to make custom pieces that fit both his style and clients needs.

galleries • • •

Allanstand Craft Shop (At the Folk Art Center ) | Asheville, NC

Grovewood Gallery |Asheville, NC

Miya Gallery | Weaverville, NC

Southern Highland Craft Gallery (Biltmore Village) | Asheville, NC

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