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Your community resource for Woodfin, NC

We craft compelling awareness as a community resource for locals and visitors looking for services needed.

Go Woodfin!  Woodfin is a name sole to Woodfin, north of Asheville NC. We leverage to enhance our message locally, nationally, aiming at internationally to represent true North Asheville NC

This website is managed and produced by  Woodfin resident, Gus Mujica and a small staff of writers. The information included in this blog will be presented to the best of our knowledge in hopes of providing some insight on the town we call home. If you have any specific topics, people, projects, or areas of interest you would like to see covered in this site, please send me an email : Thisiswoodfin@gmail.com and we'll dig into it. please subscribe to this page and like us on Facebook.  See you around town.

If you have a knack for writing or have a story you think is worth sharing with our community. click the button and let me know.  

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